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1987: EBS stood for Edwards-Baker-Swanell but by the time I started working for them Barney Edwards was the soul director. A curious character, his commercials were run like military manouvers. I always got the feeling that it was very remiss of any of us not to die on set and somehow make the drama complete. We had great fun, even though Barney could be trying at times. Never dull, mind. I dined out on the tranquilised moose-in-a-box story for months. This was a commercial for the Ford Orion, which looks dull as hell now but was considered quite swish in its time. When we were shooting the packshot the client insisted that it couldn't be shot from the front because 'it looked like an XR3' and not from the back 'because it's a bit ugly'. They didn't want a three-quarters view either, nor a simply profile. 'How would you like to shoot it then?' asked Barney, which was met by a chorus of head scratching. This location was off Regent's Park. Camera was Wolfgang Suschitzky, father of Peter and grandfather of Adam, the only three generation Cinematographers I know of.
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