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1987: Filming "Troubles" on the West coast of Ireland. Based on the JG Farrell novel, this 2 X 2-hour TV show was really very good. Directed by Christopher Morahan and with Gabby Berestain lighting, it starred Ian Charleson and Ian Richardson, with excellent support from the likes of a retired Fabia Drake, a just-getting-famous Sean Bean, a 16-year-old Dervla Kirwan, Breffni McKenna (ex-star of Crossroads) and a pre craggy-island Pauline McLynn. Shot mainly in Sligo and Bray Studios, this beach is somewhere else but I'm not sure where. To the right is John Murphy, one of the best grips I ever met, and on the rostrum is Gabby and Des Whelan, camera operator. It's raining, as you can see.
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