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hay on wye

1987: Filming "On the Black Hill", Hay on Wye. That's the butter market on the right and on the left is now Chattell's. Andrew Grieve directed the Bruce Chatwin novel about twins living on the Black Mountains. The actor with the large hat with his back to camera is Bob Peck. Grieve is in the blue hat. Behind him is Thaddeus O'Sullivan (now himself a director) and behind him is Chris Hall, the 1st AD. Sitting on the camera box is the wonderfully funny continuity Libbie Barr and to her left is stillsman David Appleby. Boomswinger (top of picture) is June Prinz, who I wouldn't meet again until 'Quills' in 1999. I was the clapper loader, Focus was Graham Hazard, whose profile is just discrnible in front of Grieve. A BFI production, the real stars of this show were the art department who managed to span seventy years in their set dressing on a budget of three shiny farthings.
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