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1986: Almeria, Spain. On the much-used beach near San Jose, the set for 'Neat and Tidy' has almost been washed away after a deluge of biblical proportions. This was a TV series about Nick Neat and Tina Tidy travelling around the world on a Harley Davidson to the music of Elvis Presley. I never saw the finished article but it now enjoys a certain cult status. Almeria was fun. 'Neat and Tidy' starred Skyler Cole, Jill Whitlow, Graham Stark and Elke Sommer. It was directed by Marcus Thompson who went on to direct features, pop promos and now writes and produces. DP was promo king John Metcalfe, who as chance would have it, I worked with on exactly the same location fourteen years later on the comic strip's 'Four Men in a Plane'.
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