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January 2006. Shafts of light near Rhayder.

16th January 2006, about 2:30 PM, just South of the Elan Valley. An exceptional flight, with a happening sky of drifting cloud and a low winter sun which frequently allowed shafts of light to break through and illuminate the winter landscape below. Pure joy flying in something like this but you have to be quick with the camera; these moments come and go in a matter of seconds.

Techy bit: Trusty Nikon F90X 105mm F2.8, 200 ASA fuji. Camera set on auto bracket 1 stop either way to ensure I get the exposure correct in this area of notoriously tricky exposure values; the best pictures are always either into sun or 60 degrees to it and exposure values in the frame can frequently range over eight or more stops. Nikon matrix metering helps, but bracketing is the belt-and-braces..
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