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January 2006. Peacock atop the car-house.

January 2006. This is Brian, one of our peacocks, sitting atop the car-house. The newly replaced stone roofing is turning green very agreeably.

Our other Peacock is called Osric, and contrary to what people think, Peacocks don't make vast amount of noise all year round - they concentrate it all in May/June when those tarty scarlet jezebels, the peahens, are after a bit of very colourful hows-your-father. The peashag season swells our pea-bird collection by about five - all the yelling attracts not only three peahens from a farm a mile away, but another two peacocks from who-knows-where, who come along to watch and get a few hints from the old hands.

After the displaying has taken place, the girls are suitably impressed and the pea-nookie has all occurred, the peacocks go dead quiet and then lose all their feathers, which are regrown by January, as can be seen here. We inherited with them the house and they are stupider than chickens, which is saying something. We affectionately refer to them as the 'pea-brains'.
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