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Highlander 2 picture

1990: "Highlander 2" which we shot in Argentina, ostensibly, I believe, because it afforded unique accounting benefits. I was focus puller on the movie, my first major motion picture credit - and it was in anomorphic, too - a challenge to the technically minded. I worked on a lot of very poor-to-rubbish films but this was the only one that actually made it onto the IMDB '100 worst films ever made' list. Still, at least we had some fun and it was in focus.

The statue pictured features in the opening sequence and was made of polystyrene by a talented British sculptor who did a lot of this stuff for the film business. I forget his name but he had a beard - and I have a head he sculpted for 'Pirates of Penzance'. Phil Meheux did the lighting, and the location is just outside the opera house in Buenos Aires.
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