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Phone box on Clyro Hill 4: November 28th, 2005.

Phone box on Clyro Hill 4: November 28th, 2005.

Techy stuff: Notice how this image in particular is a lot crisper than the others? It's shot on my Mamiya 6 medium format (6X6) camera. The wonderful thing about rangefinder cameras is that the designers can build a wide angle lens without compromise to quality - no annoying swinging mirror to worry about. This 50mm f4 knocks spots off everything I own; if you want a wide angle lens of unsurpassed quality, get a rangefinder camera - this holds true as much for 35mm and digital as it does for MF. Long focal length lenses require greater back focal distance, so can be designed more easily. Ever tried the Nikon 105mm f2.5? Gadzooks!
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